Expert Torsion Spring Adjustment Service

Expert Torsion Spring Adjustment Service

We are well-trained experts and provide great garage door torsion spring adjustment with accuracy

The constant movement of the overhead door and its heavy weight often cause garage door parts to loosen up. The fasteners of torsion springs might need tightening, but the entire torsion spring system might also need adjustment. The technical teams of “Garage Door Repair Rancho Santa Margarita” have been servicing torsion spring systems for years and know well that when the door suddenly moves more quickly than usual, springs must be adjusted. We definitely have experience with torsion spring adjustment, use the right tools and are very consistent.

We are well-organized torsion spring specialists

Our teams follow proper steps when they adjust torsion spring garage door systems and always come equipped with the perfect tools. Having the right size winding bar is extremely important because simple tools won't only be inappropriate for the job but they can also be dangerous. As a matter of fact, all services related to torsion springs ought to be done with respect to their requirements and with the right tools. If the wrong ones are used, the spring might snap and hurt someone.

Torsion springs are adjusted by keeping the cone in place with the winding bar while the setscrews are loosened up. Of course, the electric operators are unplugged and the door is secured with C-clamps so that we can avoid its collapse. Once the screws are loose, we can move down the cone to either loosen or tighten the spring. We give attention to details and know how many times we have turned the cone so that we'll repeat the same movements for the second spring to ensure the best balance of the door.

We are very experienced with such torsion spring services and know how to keep the spring loose so that it won't bind and how to make an accurate garage door torsion spring adjustment so that the door will be perfectly balanced. Our work is exceptional, precise and fast. Call us any time!

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