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Your garage door will be safer with frequent inspections and branded garage door repair parts. Read our FAQ below

What type of garage door fits into my home?

There are so many variations of garage doors available for different architectural designs. Manufacturers build different door styles and door models to fit in to any home or building. These wide varieties of designs are available for either residential or commercial properties. You may consider the door depending on your taste, budget and requirement.

Will my garage door withstand a hurricane?

There are specific garage door designs intended to counter the climate. For hurricane prone or windy areas, our experts recommend steel bar doors with wood grain trimmed boards to resist extreme wind, weather fungal decay and corrosion. These models are also customized to withstand extreme wind pressures and wind loads.

What does spring maintenance involve?

There are several important tasks that you need to perform. Firstly, you should check the component for damage and extensive wearing. Even minor issues have to be fixed right away. If there is sticky dirt, it can be removed with mild solvent and lint-free cloth or a soft brush. Lubrication is essential. Choose a lubricant that is recommended by the manufacturer.

How do I change the battery in my remote control?

If your remote is relatively new, you'll see an indentation next to the battery cover or on the end of the control. Place a small screwdriver or coin on the indentation and twist it carefully as if you were using a key. The cover should open and you should be able to remove the old battery. If the cover sticks or you find the battery has leaked acid into the control, give our office a call and have our professionals take a look to see whether the unit can be repaired.

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