How To Customize Garage Doors

How To Customize Garage Doors

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Your home’s garage door opener need not look plain or dull, because there are a lot of affordable and innovative ways for customizing it. These can easily be designed to make unique architectural statements which further enhance the look of a home. So, instead of looking at these items as mere “utility” tools, they can now be spruced-up to brighten the home. Here are a number of door opener customizing ideas to consider.How To Customize Garage Doors

Install Frosted Glass Panes

Instead of just using standard or plain glass panes on the garage opener’s top part, you could sizzle it up by placing frosted glass panes. The glass pane will still allow outside light to enter the garage but will prevent other people from seeing the inside. Stained or frosted glass can also make the garage energy-efficient, because you won’t need to turn the lights on in  time. 

Attach Motion Sensor Lighting

With many garage doors using remote controls to automatically lift the doors, additional enhancement could be the installation of motion-sensor lights, which automatically turn on or activate once the car pulls into the driveway. These lights provide additional security, especially when you arrive home after dark.

Create A Personal Exit or an Entry Door

If your garage’s width has more space, you can also opt to create a personal entry or an exit door, which can be used as a private or separate entrance, without exposing the motor vehicle and other items in the garage’s interior. Garage door repair Rancho Santa Margarita experts also note that you can further enhance the look of your garage by installing arched or curved frames, which can be made using stones or bricks. These frames can be incorporated or included as an “after-piece”, using the home’s exterior surfaces, to give the garage a more classy and elegant feel.   

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